Historical Civil War Period Cookery

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A unique cookbook full of Civil War era recipes from families and individuals who gained a measure of fame during this period of American history.

Historical Civil War Period Cookery is loaded with delightful cooking ideas brought to us by numerous famous individuals from our almost forgotten past. These unique dishes were cooked and eaten by well-known as well as many lesser-known figures who lived and fought and prayed and played during the Civil War. The famed Northern leader Ulysses Simpson Grant, for example, dearly loved his brown sugar cookies. On the other hand, Confederate Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest, who evidently also had a sweet tooth, preferred a special molasses pie whenever he had any time to spend at home. Then we find that the great Southern gentleman General Robert E. Lee had a hankering for huckleberry pancakes when the opportunity presented itself. Abner Doubleday, whom most people today know only as the father or inventor of our national pastime, baseball, happened to also be a General during the Civil War. And he always insisted that any turkey on his table be packed full with a stuffing made with giblets and cornmeal. But old Horace Greeley tops them all when it comes to food. One of his favorites was a stew made with pork and of all things–parsnips! And there’s more, much more, for those who really enjoy cooking and eating. Everyone should have a copy of this book. It’s pure dynamite!

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