A Treasury of Civil War Family Recipes: Special Avarasboro Limited Edition


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A Unique Collection of Family Recipes and Tidbits of History from Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee and Other Notables Involved in the War of Northern Aggression. Measurements for ingredients used in recipes used in the past would not be recognizable to more modern homemakers. Look at some of those called for in the recipes given above – 1 gill of milk; 1 dessertspoonful meat extract; a tumblerful of water; a dash of ground mace; 1 saltspoonful. What exactly would they mean today? Or for example, when busily scurrying around the kitchen and preparing a meal, who would be able to properly measure ingredients in such things as a wineglassful? Or a pound of milk or water? Then try a dram of liquid? What about a pound of eggs? To sum everything up, each recipe found in this unique cook book was once popular, or at least commonly used during the Civil War period. They were all part of the history of a particular family, or person, who lived and loved and prayed and fought through this tragic time of our great nation. Many were coveted treasures within a family, some famous, some not so famous, and handed down through the years or lost with the passage of time. Each recipe has been meticulously updated. When the recipe is used today, it will turn out exactly as it did for the woman of the house that prepared it for her family so many long years ago. Here they are presented for the first time for today’s American families to enjoy and experience the pleasure of preparing, cooking, baking and serving – exactly as it was done in the past. And lastly, to thankfully pass a blessing over before eating – be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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