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How to Submit Books to the Shop!

Submit Your Book Now!

Include the ASIN / ISBN-10 Whenever Possible!

If you know of a Civil War book that you’d like to see in our Book shop, we’d like to ask that you first use our SEARCH tool to be sure we haven’t already listed it!

If you can’t find the book in the shop, you can Contact Mike at CivilWarTalk using this link:

We only add Civil War books the the Bookshop! If you can provide the Title, the Author’s Name, also if you are the Author let Mike know! Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if you can provide the ISBN-10 which for books should also be the same as the Amazon ASIN, it makes adding the book so much easier!

Books are added every week. We might not get to it right away, and if Amazon is out of stock your recommendation might not be listed until it becomes available at a later time. Rest assured that once we are aware of your interest in a Civil War book, we will do our best to keep it on our list of available books when we can!